Valentina doesn't find existing measurement-file?!


Hi there,

now, that is strange. I worked on a pattern yesterday, printed it, all fine. Now I just wanted to open it and it says “Can’t find measurement file …” although the file exists, in the place it should be and I can open it in Tape: Valentina_error_tape I double-checked the name and the path, it is written correctly in the .val-file (I checked with an editor). Any Ideas what could have happened? I have no clue what could have happened; the other valentina-files work fine.

edit: The upgrade I just got provided new information on the error - now it says could not be found or does not provide enough information. So, I’ll hunt it down in the editor :smiley: (don’t worry, I will save under a different name before… :wink: )


Click ‘OK’. Then navigate to find your file. DON’t open it in an editor!!!


Scite is behaving :wink: It won’t alter a file as long as I don’t explicitly save it after having changed something in it.

Opening the .vit didn’t help, that’s how I made the printscreen. Even when the .vit is open, the error messages appear when I try to open the .val file.

I’v checked all measurements in scite, I didn’t find any in the .val file that aren’t in the .vit file.


When you open the .val file, and the .vit file is closed, you get an error message that says you can’t find the measurement file.

Have you clicked ‘OK’ and navigated to where the file is, and have you selected the file through this method?


Yes, sure I have :slight_smile: Usually, until now there were two ways to open a .val file: double clicking in the filemanager or open Valentina, go on open file and open the .val file. In every case the .vit was loaded automatically. It still works on my other pattern files; that one is the only one where it doesn’t work.

The other error message I get isValentina_error_tape_a

When I click ok here, comes Valentina_error_tape_b

The part “or provides not enough information” is new since the update I got this morning.

When I click ok and try to load the file, error 1 is there again :slight_smile:


okay, I’d like to see how your pattern works with this update. Please post your files so I can troubleshoot the problem.