Valentina crashes


Spent time creating a shirt block and sleeve when I went to add details like fold lines the program crashes.


Hmmm. Can you post the .val and .vit files?




To find the .val file:
Click on ‘File/Save As’ to see the pattern file name and the directory.

To find the .vit file:
Click on ‘Measurements/Edit Current’ to open Tape.exe, then select ‘File/Save As’ to see the measurement fie name and the directory.


SHAWN.vit (1.3 KB)


Post the .val file - that has the pattern in it!


i posted it. SHAWN SHIRT BLOCK.val (26.1 KB)


Hey I opened your shirt in Valentina Windows 10 v0.6.0 test build. I right clicked on the shirt workpieces, and added seam allowance (1cm) The set seam allowance to 0 down the front self-facing edges of front & back workpieces. It did not crash. Here is the screenshot after setting the center line of each workpiece to 0 seam allowance. Rightclick and open image in a new tab to see it zoomed: