Valentina annoying pop-up Window in Version



Got the new Valentina Version today (build October 16.) and it is not usable any more as with every action the following window pops up (hope you can see the image: grafik

Is says “Could not initialize OpenGL for RasterGLSurface, reverting to RasterSurface”.

I have Ubuntu 16.04 with the nvidia 384.90 driver running, so Open GL should not be an issue?

Any hint how to solve this issue? I have holidays the next week and wanted to do a lot of patternmaking…



Have you updated to the latest OpenGL nvidia graphics drivers?


Hi Susan,

I had to deinstall the nvidia drivers to get rid of the window. But I deinstalled them for another reason as I could not login to unity anymore. The first time in 14 Years that the package manager did something weird…

I am on Nouveau driver at the moment and everything is fine.

Bad to hear that you have differences with Roman, you both pushed forward the project so much!

As I have very little time I did not get this because of lack of time for forum reading…