V.5 file with OSX V.6 test build - super slow

Hey guys, just a heads up/could very well be an error on my computer.

I downloaded the latest test build - V. Mac OSX. Wanted to build off of an old pattern made in previous build - so duplicated my file and opened with updated program. Synched measurements etc. as per standard practice.

When I go to change any point however it takes a minute or so to select a specific/any point or function. And haven’t been able to (or had the patience) to wait until options dialogue box opens.

Have closed all other applications but doesn’t seem to make program run faster.

Will just work from older version for time being but just thought i’d drop you a line in case others are having any issues.


Thanks @nottme I just now downloaded the Windows v0.6.0.76a build date June 19

I opened a very complex pattern, added points, etc and there was no difficulty. My pattern has moves, rotations on the moves, then moves of the the rotated move, plus the pattern has hundreds of points, many segmented curves. I’ve maxed out the features on this pattern, and it’s huge.

HOWEVER, My pattern is recently opened and I have Windows 10 on 64-bit 32G desktop with Nvidia GeForce 1070.

Can anyone with a MAC corroborate this slow behavior?

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True @splencer - my pattern is a basic tee so shouldn’t take long to upload.

**Just an update on previous info. Hopefully without complicating the matter. I’ve realised this tee-shirt pattern was created in Mac OSX V.0.6.0 build date 2017-05-29 (valentina_0.6.0a-20170529210018_64bit-OSX.dmg).

The latest test release Mac OSX V.0.6.0 build date 2017-06-19 (valentina_0.6.0a-20170619191701_64bit-OSX.dmg) is not reading the file well - very slow.

Mac OSX V.0.5.0 doesn’t read it at all. Saying file unsupported.

Do you know how to count a CPU load on your MAC? Does Valentina produce any CPU load if you do not do anything? Because looks like this bug is not related to pattern file size. More likely to issue with graphic scene itself. I fixed one bug lately.

Hey @dismine attached screenshot. CPU has dropped a bit (initially at 97.2%) running v.0.6.0 build date June 19 - almost 100 times higher than any of the other programs running.

And this is the CPU running Mac OSX v.0.6.0 build date 2017-05-29

Good, this means i am right. Wait new test build. This problem should be fixed there.