Using Valentina



I have created a document on how to use the Tools for Newbies and would love some feedback on whether it helpful and whether is should be uploaded elsewhere :slight_smile: Thank you.

Working with Tools.pdf (839.9 KB)


Thank you very much. As soon as I have time I will read it and test it and leave you feedback. Thank you for your time and effort


Hi, I have a question, can we transform one mold into other sizes? “scale” and how it works?


Yes, you can. If you create a set of standard sizes, and use them to create your pattern, in other words, select New, Measurements, Standard, your standard set. Make your pattern.

Once you’ve made your pattern, you can change the height & size to change the pattern.

As you can see, I’m having problems with my sleeves because I didn’t use the formulas properly.


Thank you so much for this! I read a little bit, but as soon as I have more time will finish. So far it seems very helpful.


Thank you, @DovelyDesigns. I’m trying to make a reference guide for Newbies like me. If this one is ok, I’ll do one on the lines & curves.


Do you know about our Wiki? Would you add your reference guide there?


Hi @dismine, Yes, I’d be very happy to, once you give me the go ahead and tell me exactly where to put it. I’m actually making these guides for the the wiki (as I learn).


The best part about a Wiki is that you can do it as you wish. If somebody wants to correct you he can just do it very easily. Show us your vision, make it your little project and add what you are missing there.

My recommendation is to connect your references to User Manual page. But how you will do it is completely up to you.


@dismine, ok, I’m going to do as you have mentioned above. I’ve never edited or used Wiki, I’ll call for help if needed :slight_smile:


For some reason, I can’t log into the Wiki. I’ve requested a reset and I’ll receive an email, but that’s taking ages.


@dismine, sorry, Wiki won’t let me log in. I’ve changed my password and tried again, but it keeps telling me that the password is incorrect.


As i know you can edit anonymously too.


Ok, thanks, I’ll do that :slight_smile:


Hi @Grace,

I contacted their support about this several days ago. We don’t see a username of Grace for our wiki at Are you still having problems? Message me about your account name, etc. You should receive recognition for your work on the wiki!


Thank you, @slpencer, I managed to create an account and log into it. I haven’t used php for a few years now, so it’s going really slow for me at the moment. I’ll try to get the page up on the weekend using the link you created. Thank you very much for that :slight_smile:


@Grace - Did you use php to do anything? The wiki typically uses a variety of markdown, no need for php scripting that I’m aware of. Just curious … :smiley:


I fiddle a bit with websites :blush: and built a very complicated (for me) website that stores images and details in mysql of road incidents and from there, print monthly reports in pdf, for someone. It was mostly done with copy and paste, but trying to get it to do what was needed, I had to learn quite a lot of PHP.

But, like I said, that was 2 years ago :frowning:


oh okay, I wondered if you had tried to use PHP on our wiki. I don’t think it allows scripting of any kind, but I could be wrong.


I’m going to try it on the weekend, probably tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile: