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I’ve used Valentina for over a year now, there are a few things that can be added to make the program more user friendly, thereby attracting more users.

Please post your comments and ideas below.

Here we go:

  1. Info Box/Bar

So right now if you want to check the length or angle of a line or curve, you need to go to the variable table and search for it, very inefficient. The right side bar is too full for more info, so I thought of two other places:

One is beside the mouse, or “Hover to show info”, basically a small box appears when you place your mouse over an object displaying its info, this is my personal preference as it feels like the most direct way.

Two is a dockable bar placed on top or bottom. While this would work, I always find it distracting to move my eyes from the object that I’m pointing at to the status bar, GIMP for instance has coordinate info on the bottom, but I never found them to be helpful.

  • Info Box Beside Mouse
  • Info Bar Dockable
  • Display in Side Bar
  • Other

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  1. Pet Palette

Now this is something I’m fairly fond of. I had the chance to use ArchiCAD when studying residential construction. From my personal experience, it’s one of the most user friendly programs I ever used. Even though it’s a radically different type of program, there exists many things that can be adapted.

One of its feature I like is the pet palette.

As you can see, it is displayed when you click on an object ( different from hover ). I was thinking maybe we could move some of the tools in the operations to the pet palette, as well as leave a room for new tools.

That’s it for now, will update later !


Great idea!
Can you recruit a programmer to implement your idea? Four or five more programmers are needed to fulfill current user requests.

Valentina is a bit different that other open source projects,
most of our users are designers and artists, not programmers.

So our users must recruit their friends and family to contribute. Hit up your programmer friends to make your request come true!

We have some people who will answer C++ questions, I will put you in contact with them if you have downloaded the develop branch, and the latest Qt IDE, and have successfully built the project ‘as is’ prior to any changes that you want to add.


Unfortunately my work wasn’t ever revolved around programming, so I can’t provide any candidates suitable for such tasks. I myself only have some basic knowledge in Python, definitely not fit for this either :frowning_face:

Though if you can put me in touch with those who are capable, I would be happy to discuss with them and assist in ways that I can.


I was hoping you could recruit people you know, who care about you personally, and they could program the features you need.

Our programmers will come from Valentina users’ friends and family.