User defined functions/macro


I was wondering if there was a way to input our own functions? For example, the material I work with will almost always have a negative ease. The % depends on what garment I am making. So I would like to create a function for a *.92 for instance and name it “snug” and have another one *.85 called "skin tight… and so on.


The only way that I can think of is to create a ‘Template’ pattern. Put these formulas into the Table of Variables, add your details to the Pattern Properties, do all the ‘pre-draw’ things that take up so much time when you want to just start drawing, and save the ‘Template’ in the Pattern Template folder.

When you start a new pattern, open the template, save it to another name in the Patterns folder, add your measurements file & start drawing :slight_smile:


That entire thing went right over my head lol :wink: I’ll have another read once I learn more about templates :slight_smile:



In your pattern, click on the Measurements icon on the top menu bar. In the picklist, select Variables Table. You add an ‘increment’ (should be called a ‘variable’) by clicking on the green plus sign ‘+’ at the middle of the dialog box on the right hand side. Name it ‘ease’ or whatever you want. Enter .85 in the formula field. Click OK at the bottom to close the dialog box. Then in each formula for each point, multiply each formula by your #ease variable. You can have different ease values for horizontal and vertical, because you might not want it so tight in the crotch, but you do want it tight around the waist, hip, thigh, knee. So create Hease and Vease variables. Begin the variables in your formulas with the hashtag prefix: (neck_back_to_waist_b x #Vease)


Nice! Thanks :slight_smile: