Upload multiple images to wiki

Can anyone explain to me how to upload multiple images to the wiki? I can’t find an option and it’s a huge time waster uploading them one by one.

Please help :pray:

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let me know if you find a way. The best I have been able to do is either write, create images as I go, upload them one by one


write and create images locally, keep it all in a word document with the images stored in separate files, using some sort of naming convention that I hope will make sense and create unique names when uploaded THEN have a marathon session of putting the text into the wiki and adding images one by one.

there is probably some tool out there to do what you want, but I have not yet stumbled over it

:slight_smile: yes, that’s what I’ve been doing up until now. But it’s really a pain. It seems, in the wiki tutorials, that there are extensions one can add for batch uploads. I’m just not clued up enough to trust myself on Valentina’s wiki :frowning:

So I’m hoping that someone will help us out here :slight_smile:

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i hope you are right. also, i have done a little bit of experimentatioon in Wikipedia:About the sandbox - Wikipedia and you might find it useful

Here’s one that I was looking at: Extension:MultiUpload - MediaWiki

Any update on this? My curves tutorial has been put on hiatus as I have NO intention of uploading forty pictures one at a time.

Hey we’ve added a Multiple File Upload extension to the Wiki!

When you edit a page, the icon is at the top of the editing menu (it’s not in the left column menu):

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It works! :dancer: :sunny:

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So between the LibreOffice ‘export to wiki’ feature and the ‘multiple image upload’ feature on our wiki,we can really move ahead!!!

@Grace & @kmf - You can now create your tutorial in Libre Office, then ‘Export to wiki’, then copy/paste to the wiki, then upload all the images from your LibreOffice document. It helps to have all the images saved in the same directory as the LibreOffice document so that you can select them all and upload them in one step.