Updating Links to Topics in Old Forum



Hi, I found this link that is still taking a person to the old forum:


Is there anyway that I can correct this? Or anyone who can do it for me? It’s on this conversation: Hacking Points in Pattern Files

Thank you


@slspencer if you point me in the direction of how to do this, I will start going through and changing old links. Is there a global search and replace?

The issue is that the message @Grace wrote has a reference to the old wiki on https://static.miraheze.org/valentinaprojectwiki/8/86/Valentina_EBOOK-8-24-17.pdf


Or is this a task that @ladysinaz could help with. Also, the User Manual at the top of the forum page points to a URL starting with wiki. valantinaproject. org https://wiki.valentinaproject.org/wiki/User_Manual


Wait until we’ve moved the wiki from wiki.valentinaproject.org to wiki.seamly.net


No, it’s referencing a different topic.


Can you post the link here? I would like to see this for myself, and figure out what is going on.


Here’s the link to the topic which has the link on: Hacking Points in Pattern Files - HowTo - Seamly Forum

It’s below my lengthy replies.

If you follow the link, it takes you to a topic on the old forum - here’s the link that it takes you to: New user - using seamly and making precise curves and underwire questions - Newbies - Seamly Forum


Discoursehosting has fixed the problem, they updated about 20 of these links to the old forum.


Something really strange…

I received an email Summary of activity on the old forum: image

I followed the link and found a post that was posted 10 hours ago but it redirects very quickly to the new forum. I managed to take a pic of it:

(The other messages listed below it are from December & November 2017.)

My concern is… How did anyone post a problem on the old forum?


I saw the same thing and had not yet had time to comment. I would take some time to engage with the user (p i c h o l i n e) and ask how she gets to the forum. I have made a minor fix to have the help menu in the SEAMLY2D Program take users to the correct (new) forum link, but that fix is not “out there” I have only tested it privately

the old menu will not take one anywhere. so I assume that she must have typed in the URL for the old forum. My question is @slspencer is there a way to flip a switch and redirect - or is that the issue and somehow the redirection failed.


Hi, Kim. I didn’t want to put this on the general forum. So posted it here. In the meantime, I did PM her to tell her that her query went to the wrong forum and asked her to repeat the query on this forum, including her pattern files so we could see what the problem was.

Bleh!!! she replied to me in the PM, so I helped her. I’m pooped, been a’t the office with all sorts of things, so wasn’t going to split hairs. If she doesn’t like my answers, I’ll insist that she put the post on the general forum.


I went to the old forum and unlocked it to create an automatic redirect to this forum’s URL. I didn’t lock it down when I was finished. I replied to @picholine and asked them to repost to this forum. I’m in the process of locking down the old site again.


ok problem is fixed, the old forum is locked down again :slight_smile: And it redirects to the new forum after a few seconds


Thank you, Sue. It was extremely strange to me. :blush: You’re a real wizard with all these things :slight_smile:


I really appreciate you and Kim so very much.


Sorry i was MIA I didn’t get a notification and hadn’t come to check :confused: