Updates and fixing tiled printing

From a majority of my tests, it seemed to all be about margins for me. For a new user that isn’t familiar with printers and printer settings, it can be extremely frustrating. It appears inconsistent and not well explained. IF you get the margins right and can see all of the dotted lines on all 4 sides you are ok in the “preview tiled” then print from there. But it should be easy to just hit print and bam your pattern is how you designed it regardless of which way you print. But yeah, a logical way to get rid of all of the blank pages would be beneficial.

Most programm have per default big margins set, like Word for instance. This way the users don’t have to deal with it.

We can do exactly the same with Valentina, set per default 2cm for instance. The user is then free to deal with it if he/she doesn’t want to waste paper.

Can you tell what you mean by inconsistent? Also if you have a idea on how to explain better to the user what the margins are for, that would be great.

Done. Basically, I made a square grid at each corner (with a semi-circle 0.5cm smaller), along with a line to show the approximate location of the overlap margin. I made a 4cm grid, though 2cm should be plenty for most purposes. The user only has to trim off the unprinted edge and cut out the semi-circle in each corner of each top page to uncover the grid below it to allow easy alignment. (The grid is set to black to make sure that it is easy to see in this prototype. The color would be set by the user in the final version.)

AldrichBodiceBlock01_1.pdf (33.0 KB)

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