Unusual measurements (originally for wig-making)



From an ancient print publication ( I found these measures listed for wig-making) but they may be relevant to the design of hooded garments, like tracksuit tops, jackets, capes and so on).

(The original information had a diagram with them, and appeared on p44 of “How to Hold a Crocodile”; Diagram Group; 1986; ISBN-1-85051-125-X

*Head circle ( over forehead, behind ears, and over back of neck) *Forehead to nape of neck over top of head *Ear to Ear over forehead *Ear to Ear over top of head. *Temple to temple around back of head (horizontal).

These are some additional thoughts

  • Temple to temple front.
  • Ear to Ear over nose (front)

These could of course be defined as custom measures.

For some specialist applications, even more detailed measures might be needed, but the people making those items probably know what custom measures to use.


Yes… these additional measurements are relevant to not only hooded garments, but specialty hats or structures like the skull cap for showgirl costumes I’m currently working on for a production of The Producers.

Currently the only “known” measurements in TAPE are the head circumference (hat)… and the vertical and horizontal lengths. You may also need to know the ear to ear over and around the back of the head and the forehead to nape. And yes… I’ve even had to take into account the ear to ear in front over the nose for the growing Pinnochio nose in Shrek.