Union Tool - mirror piece in detail mode

Is there any workaround to unify two pieces in detail mode where the side to be unified is not facing each other? As there is no mirror tool in detail mode, the union tool unifies the two pieces not correctly and flips one piece upside down instead of the wanted left-right. This is an issue for some Jodhpur-like pants or riding pants that has no inner leg seam. There, two pieces from the front pant and the back pant have to be unified.

No. I don’t know about any workaround for this issue.

That’s a pity. But thank you for this information, Roman. I would need such a tool quite a lot in my construction practice. Have to think about how to get the pattern done then. Or do it as in old times with paper. But unify two pieces along a spline outline is a lot of work in paper, and fairly unprecise. Is the union tool itself capable of unifying two pieces along a curve?

The tool unifying two pieces along an edge. If inside the edge is a curve it will be skipped.

You know, i think i know what will help. Issue #138. New tool: ‘Mirror Point’ or ‘Symmetric Point’.

The tool unifying two pieces along an edge. If inside the edge is a curve it will be skipped. Ok, so the tool would not help anyway in this case. Do you plan to enhance it that it is capable of unifying two pieces along one or two curves? This is what CAD would help for as doing this manually on paper is a very time consuming and unprecise process. And it needs to be done more often than expected. Generally, the mirror point tool would help, but for me this is a question of workflow. Personally, I prefer to construct the base pieces in construction mode and then afterwards (the same workflow as if you construct in paper) handle the constructed base pieces with some tools (seam allowance, some mm extra allowance for rolling edges, unifying pieces together etc.) to have the final pattern. Therefore in my opinion it would be better to have a mirror and a capable unifying tool together in detail mode than a mirror tool in construction mode.

Manually unifying is done by measuring the width of both pieces along the unifying edge with angle 90° and put the width left and right (one piece left, the other piece right along a line of the same lengh than the unifying edge.

With an algorithm it could be done every mm, would be more than enough.

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Hi Buggi,

Add this as an issue on Bitbucket, and copy-paste your comments into the description.

Maybe in the future this issue can be resolved.

I don’t understand this request. Because of this better to continue discussion here. If not follow this rule i will close the issue immediately. The Issue Tracker is place for a real issue and not really good for just continue discussion. Here more people will join discussion and as i told already i don’t understand this request yet.

Users are never encouraged to create an issue simply to continue discussion.

Ok, I’ll try to explain.

This is the trouser pattern, constructed in a normal way (i.e. Systemschnitt or Müller&Sohn):

This is the detail mode and the pattern pieces:

As I do not want to have an inside seam and a seam below the outer Pocket Zip, I want to unify these pieces along the marked curved edge:

The two pieces each should be one piece afterwards, becaus no seam shall be there. As both edges face right, the union tool does not put the pieces together in the right way:

Additionally, as Roman said Valentina does not pay attention to the curved edge but only would unify the pieces regarding the two edge points of the curved edge.

I now have to unify the pieces manually on paper, a very time consuming and unprecise process, exactly a task I want a CAD Program for!!! Did you get the point?

In my opinion such unify necessity happens more often than one would think, two cases in just this one pattern!

If I were silly enough to oversee some possibility to solve this problem please advise :slight_smile:

Sorry, made a mistake, the two left pieces shall be unified along the left edge, the two right pieces shall be unified along the right edge because this is the inner seam of the trousers:

One more question. How should look right unified pieces?

Okay, i think, i now know what do you want.:slight_smile:

First of all we will fix only part about face to face unifying issue. See issue #518. New feature: Flip piece in Detail mode.

If only you understand my explanation i think i have one way to try to avoid the issue. My mom proposed this solution. Looking at your drawing we propose you to modify the pattern and only then create pieces.

This is exactly what you need. Do this process before creating a detail. Based on your current curve (ZIP_K2a and JPHZ_K4a) create new that will have correct shape. As i understand you have enough information to correct each piece independently.

If you will do it right (using formulas) the app will do modification automatically each time you will change something.

Of course issue #518 is still here, but this is another story.

Funktionshose Jodpur.val (48.7 KB)

Matthias 2015.vit (8.9 KB)

Here are the Valentina files if it helps.

I get the point, but actually I have no idea on how to construct it… Have to look into it.

Workflowwise it would be more convenient to do those things after constructing the pattern and not to have to do it in the pattern. In my opinion pattern construction work is puzzling enough so additional construction details in the overloaded pattern draw mode full of lines and curves does not make things better :slight_smile:

Yes, but the app will never do it automatically.

Specially for this case we developed “groups”. Did you try to use them?

No, not yet. have to unterstand how it works. Will try to unterstand it soon.