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Hi everyone, hope I’m in the right section to ask my questions…

I have some issues with Seamly2D. (Which I haven’t with an ancient version). I hope someone will be able to guide me because the app is unusable now :frowning:

  1. When I try to create a new workpiece tool, the menu for the seam allowances is unavailable. I don’t know how to change the seam allowances.!


  1. Once the worpiece is created I cant find them anywhere or reedited them.

  2. When I want to create the layout, pieces are already placed and I can’t move them as I want…

Thanks for your answers and have a good evening.

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#1 When you hit enter to finish your work path tool, the options menu pops up but with the seam allowance section greyed out. This is normal.

#2 Click on the Details button on the top toolbar menu rather than the side. This is where your pieces will appear and also the answer to #1 right click on the pattern piece in this Details section and go to options. Here the seam allowance section will now be accessible.

#3 the piece placement is determined by the program. It fits there the best way it thinks they should fit based on the paper type you choose in the layout options. (This is where it gets fun;) )


@Yinzha, can you post some screenshots? From the description, the program is behaving the same as previous version. So perhaps there is something that we don’t understand, screenshots help quite a bit.

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Thanks ladysinaz for your help! It seems that with your explanations it’s working now!

slspencer I tried to post a screenshot but I must have missed something because it didn’t appear.


sometimes screenshots do not work correctly if you post them as JPG but will show up if you post them as PNG. I believe that is due to some error in the software that runs the forum.


Thanks I will try next time!

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Does not matter “where” the pieces are placed or oriented.The layout is NOT a (cut) marker, it’s strictly a print layout with the idea you cut the pattern pieces out after printing,and assembling together if tiled printed.It’s up to you to figure out how & where to place them on the fabric to cut.

Ideally a cut marker module will be developed in the future, but it’s another whole ball of wax to implement properly.

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