Unable to use angle of line in formula

I’m creating a simple sleeve block that can be edited to have different sleeve cap height values, as well as armhole length value.

So far everything works fine, one can alter the sleeve to match a bodice by changing the values of #sch (sleeve cap height ), #fah and #bah ( front and back armhole length ), the sleeve caps will change its shape accordingly.

The only problem is (see Sleeve.val ) with the points B7 and B13, I want them to maintain the same angle as B10_B12 and B11_B15 (marked in green line), but the curve control point dialog won’t let me use those variables, they don’t appear on the list at all.

Anyone got an idea on why this happens, and how to get across it?

Also, any feedback on the sleeve block will be well appreciated.

@alexw32, Valentina sees on timeline to show you exact list of values that were created before this object. You can imagine this as drawing from scratch each time as you require refresh of pattern. This is the main reason why you cannot access those values. You made a curved path to soon.

I see, so the order of creating objects has an effect, my assumption was that as long as there doesn’t exist paradoxical formulas (a straight forward case would be drawing a line with a length equal to its own length), the order of creation is insignificant.

In my case, Line B10_B12 and B11_B15 are independent of the curve, so I was puzzled over why I can’t use them. Now if I understand correctly, one can only use object values (length, angle ) in an object if they were created first.

I suppose the only solution would be to delete and remake the curve. :slightly_frowning_face:

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That seems to be the case. I’ve run into it myself.

Easier than erasing!