Unable to install software - resolved :)


I’ve just downloaded the Seamly2D software (v When I try to install, I get a Runtime Error (at 1:278): Invalid Float. Is there another version I can get hold of?


what operating system do you use @Russell?


I have the latest version of Windows 10.


Did you follow the link at the top of the page, click on Download, Enter your emaill addy & download the one for Windows?


@Russell, Does your error occur when you open the software? At what point does it crash?

I just downloaded and installed the windows version (I have Windows 10). I opened one of my test patterns, created a layout, everything worked fine. HOWEVER there could still be a problem.


@Russell are you using a 32 bit version of windows or a 64 bit? @slspencer, same question


I’m using the 64bit version of Windows.

The error occurs when I try to install the software, just a few seconds after double clicking the file. When the Runtime Error occurs, there’s only an OK button to click, it then exits. I uninstalled the version of Valentina I had.


I have a 32 bit versioon of windows installed on a 64 bit machine. It works for me. @slspencer, what version of windows did you try?


@Russell, what is the date on the file you are attempting to install?


@Russell I hope you are using the stable version, dated January 5,2018


Hey I have 64bit Windows on 64bit desktop


@Russell, we have run the windows released version on both 32bit windows 10 and 64 bit windows 10 with success. The one that both @slspencer and I tested is the release version that is dated January 5,2018. There is a problem we just identified in the build pipeline that could cause one or more bad versions to have been put out ON THE DEVELOPMENT BRANCH only. If you use the Jan 5, 2018 version, you should have not problem. The process to get it has been simplified, simply point your browser at https://valentina-project.org/ and click on the windows download.


Thank you everyone, it worked! No errors installing.