Unable to generate layout in seamly.cloud website

When trying to generate a layout of a pattern to then print out I get the following message:

The system cannot complete your request due to an unexpected problem. Please try again. If the problem persists then contact your local support team. (Reference:1042819)

I’ve tried different page sizes (though it’s A4 I’m after), and both PDF and SVG but get the same error each time. I’ve also tried in both Internet Explorer and Chrome but get the same error each time. Can anyone suggest where I’m going wrong? I am able to generate a preview with no problems.

Many thanks in advance!

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could you please upload the .val and .vit file you are using and post a screenshot to show the version you use. The screenshot would look something like this and the screen shown can be accessed using the help screen.


What settings do you enter in the layout screen? Please send a screenshot that will look something like this:


Finally, do you use windows, mac, or linux? Please specify your operating system version and if linux, specify the distribution name.

Thank you

When creating the layout, don’t even think in terms of the paper that your printer uses. The paper in this section must be large enough to accommodate your largest pattern part. So if you set it to A4 the changes are that it will give you that message. Try using the 36" roll and see if that won’t work.

Hi there, I’m afraid I don’t know how to find the ‘about’ window to screenshot for you. Does this help?

I’m not sure what the val file is (is it the pattern? I’m using a shared one from MrDoo), but the .vit file that was created when I entered my measurements is attached. Nim Burgin Seamed stocking rev6.vit (1.2 KB)

The generate layout form I’m using looks like this:

I’m using MS Windows: image


Thanks, I gave this a try but sadly had no success :frowning:[quote=“Grace, post:3, topic:3393, full:true”] When creating the layout, don’t even think in terms of the paper that your printer uses. The paper in this section must be large enough to accommodate your largest pattern part. So if you set it to A4 the changes are that it will give you that message. Try using the 36" roll and see if that won’t work. [/quote]

Go to Help and select **About **: image

Take a screenshot of the information that comes up:


This file is the measurements file - .vit - we do need it but we also need the actual pattern file which will be in the pattern folder - .val.

Ok, sorry about that, it was worth a try :slight_smile:

My top menu looks different to your, and when I click on ‘help’ the drop down only offers 2 options as shown here

I do not have the .val file, does this information help? I joined via the instructions here: Joining the MrDoo pattern sharing group – mr doo's latex primer

I appreciate you taking the time to help, thanks!

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@NimBurgin, I am confused. from your screenshots, it appears that you are using an online tool (https://seamly.cloud/) and not the program that could draw a layout. Since you are using a windows system, I hope that @Grace can help walk you through installing and running the program.

if you have not already done so, you will need to visit https://seamly.net/ and download the program and install it on your system. You can do this by clicking on the window icon under the title “Windows download”


@NimBurgin. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll take a look at this over the weekend.


Thanks, I’ve downloaded the program now, but without the .VAL file I’m unable to continue there either. I appreciate your help, and will wait to see what @MrDoo comes up with.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:


@NimBurgin I have customized the seamed stocking pattern with a “dummy” set of measurements. The .val vile contains the pattern and the .vit file contains the measurements I refer to as “half size mannequin Leilani”

You will want to create your own measurement file to use if you intend to have a working pattern, but the mannequin file will do for you to experiment with.

Half size mannequin Leilani Seamed stocking rev6.vit (3.9 KB)

Seamed stocking rev6 - Half size mannequin Leilani .val (67.7 KB)

The online tool provides lots of really useful functionality and I thank @MrDoo for creating it and also for sharing the stocking pattern.


I also see some of the confusion I had about your original question, @NimBurgin. You used the term “layout”. When I hear that term, I think of the third mode of the Seamly2D program, which arranges the finished pattern detail pieces on a virtual “canvas” that can then be printed directly (usually with a large commercial printer or plotter) or can be broken into pages and tile printed on an inexpensive home printer using letter, legal, or other small format paper and taping the pages together.

I believe you may have been talking about the “preview” function that exists within the seamly.cloud tool. If you are referring to something that is actually called “layout”, then I need to pay more attention because I don’t know what that is in that context


I have done some investigation since I wrote my previous response, @NimBurgin and I now see that there is a layout feature in the seamly cloud application. I am happy to see that @MrDoo responded to you as he is the one who would be able to answer questions about that particular layout feature.

@slspencer I can see that clarity around various aplications and tools that interface with the .val files and/or .vit files is a worthy goal. the next time we get to sit down together, I must remind myself that documenting the pattern API would benefit many

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Sorry for my absence from this thread. And thanks @kmf for responsing to @NimBurgin.

I’ll take a look right now as to what the error was that @NimBurgin was experiencing.

The seamly.cloud site can execute a copy of seamly2d on the server in order to do a layout using the application’s command line parameters. The results should therefore be identical to downloading the pattern (.val) and measurements (.vit) and loading these in the Seamly2D application. The intention is though that somebody that wants to get hold of a pattern customised to their measurements and doesn’t need to edit the pattern can do so entirely through the seamly.cloud site.

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@NimBurgin I think the issue here is that Seamly2D threw an exception "“One or more pattern pieces are bigger than the paper format you selected. Please select a bigger paper format.” which my site didn’t handle properly and then failed to find the outputs it was expecting.

It looks like on the 4th April that you successfully created a layout using a rollpaper setting rather than A4. I’ll add the above to my list of bugs.

Incidentally the piece for the heel looks a little short, can you check measurement: Height: Ankle High (A10). I think 10-11cm might work better. I should tweak the pattern to make this less sensitive of this measurement.

Nb. You’ve recently added me to your Facebook group (where for reasons lost in time my handle is Mycroft Doo), any feedback on the pattern welcome.