Unable to create a pattern piece that is a circle


I have tried to create a pattern for a cover on a military hat. One piece is a circle. I create it as an arc from 0 to 360. In the draw mode, it looks good. However, I am unable to continue to the detail mode. When I use the seam allowance tool in draw mode, The “ok” option is greyed out and I can’t complete the main path. The pattern piece should be a simple circle with a seam allowance. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


Post your file here, please.


military-hat-cover.val (655 Bytes)

It just occured to me that I do not use a measurement file (.vit) with this pattern. It is so simple that I do not need it. Could that be related to my problem?


Here I have completed all 4 pattern pieces and all of the arcs are a problem in the seam allowance toolmilitary-hat-cover.val (4.0 KB)


The answer is obvious. We have a rule that says A detail should have clockwise direction. Because each arc has anticlockwise direction you must reverse it. You can do it when you select them, by holding Shift key, or later in the list by calling a context menu.


thank you very very very (at least 20 characters of very) much