Tutoriel : Tester un patron de couture Seamly2D avec Marvelous Designer




J’ai réalisé une petite vidéo tuto.

Voici le lien : https://youtu.be/DzXacWiWM6A

Qu’en pensez-vous?

Pour l’instant seulement en français mais je pense la traduire en anglais.


Thank you :slight_smile: It looks very nice.


Awesome. If we added seam information to Seamly2D, i.e. which seams join to which other seams, then several steps in the video could perhaps be done automatically?


Yes maybe but I don’t know yet how to do that… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments.


I see some chances that it is not implemented yet, so I guess it is not up on you :slight_smile:


@MrDoo - I agree. Passmarks need to be defined in pairs, seams need to be assigned to each other. This was proposed and discussed, but always vetoed. :frowning: But now we can move forward with this.


That would be great. You can then assign a construction order and also indicate whether both parts of a seam are the same length.


Can you think of anything else that is needed for 3D?