Tutorial from wiki patterns shared on my-pattern.cloud

I have shared two files on my-pattern.cloud. These are McCunn_basic_sleeve_details.val and McCunn_example.vit

It may be useful for you to create an account on the pattern cloud and download these to understand the tutorial text. I have attempted to create informative names for some of the point names used to shape the curves in the sleevecap. I hope this is helpful to those desiring to learn how to shape curves with the valnetina tools

Am I completely blind? I see no way to download anything!

have you created an account on my-pattern.cloud ? I created an account and when I log in I see that there are several patterns that have been shared with others and I can download them

I will upload those two files here if you want them, but I am looking for a solution that will work for everybody, so I hope the my-pattern.cloud will work

McCunn_basic_sleeve_details.val (11.4 KB) McCunn_example.vit (3.3 KB)

Please note that for a reason that I do not understand, the name of the .vit file is hosed. If I knew how to fix it, then I would :wink: The .val file will look for a .vit file names McCunn_example.vit, so you will have to manually rename it once you download it from here

If you register as a designer then you may log in and if it works the way I believe it does, you will be able to see the files I posted and probably several others because one of the sharing options is to include all users from the valentina forum. That is the audience I chose with the files I posted there. @MrDoo is the person to ask about how the my-pattern.cloud site works

I registered on my-pattern.cloud, but I can’t find a download link ANYWHERE.

@KeithFromCanada , I posted a screenshot to help you see where I found the download link - there is a group called Valentina Forum Members listed under “my groups” . Hopefully that will be the case for you as well. slpencer also indicated in another thread that she will request the fix that will allow those file types to be uploaded to the wiki, which is probably a cleaner solution for the tutorial work that I am doing. Also, in case you wanted to work with the sleeve block now, I posted it directly earlier in this thread. If you want to discuss the sleeve block, it would probably be best to start a new thread so that others would be able to identify that discussion.

@KeithFromCanada, @kmf, sorry to leave you struggling my impenetrable UI. There are (at least) two issues that I need to resolve:

  1. My assumption was that when we shared patterns we’d always want to use our own measurements, rather than those of the person uploading the pattern. However, for demos, tutorials, etc. then it would be useful for the person uploading the pattern to indicate that the original measurements file should be shared with the pattern. I’ll add support for this.

  2. Because of 1.) you, currently, always need to ‘Customise’ a pattern before exporting it. That is, you need to associate with with an individual for whom you have measurements. There is then a process of ensuring that you have all the required measurements (otherwise Valentina is not happy). I’ll readily accept that this is not intuitive at the moment, it just needs a bit of a wizard to streamline the process.

Please be patient with me, there are a number of changes occurring behind the scenes, I’ll get these issues fixed as soon as I can.


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I’ve figured it out, now. It wasn’t difficult once I understood the process. May I suggest that in addition to your work on the website, you document it on the wiki page I just put up?

(Thank you SO much for your work, by the way. We really appreciate you.)

@KeithFromCanada I tried to link to your wiki page and made a typo which skipped over it completely but linked to the pattern cloud. Please take a look at what I did here and let me know what you think. I think it is important to both link to the cloud site and to have a list of what to look for once you are there. That does not preclude anybody sharing anything. I am not sure about whether the pattern cloud may get so well known that it is no longer easy to pick out patterns from the tutorial but I suppose that can be handled