Turn darts

For me, the following problem arises: I have created a template in which I can lay the breast darts in the shoulder and in the armhole at the front. But have used the breast point as a fulcrum. Now I have the problem that in the different sizes of the angle of the rotation always remains the same and thus the lines that should lie on one another no longer true. I can not find a solution to this problem. Can someone help me there?

To clarify it, I have each a screenshot of Gr. 40 and the size 36.

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I think it’s because the size of the darts changes with different sizes. What do I have to do, that points 36a1 and 44 always lie on top of each other?

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You have to use formulas for rotation angle. If I understand your pattern correctly, the angle of dart for any size is (AngleLine_A11_A44-AngleLine_A11_A36)

The formula might look a little different if lines were drawn in opposite direction


Thanks alot!!! It’s always that easy on paper. At this point, I would like to give a big compliment to those who are in the background of this program and do a great job - thank you