Trousers basic block video



Finally I managed to create a tutorial video about trousers pattern making. This is the first part covering just the basic block. It was harder to make than I expected and longer than I hoped. Feel free to comment and ask questions. I’ll try to enhance the next one. The video link is YouTube

Issue #513: Trousers pattern (dismine/valentina)

Is it your voice in the video?:slight_smile:


Yes, realizing that the pattern making vocabulary is not frequently used. Need to enhance.


Very good video, i like. :+1:

More comments later. I still see a lot issues with GUI.:unamused: I know, i am very self critical.


@slpencer, please publish the video on Facebook page.




@Stinde, I whish you could find the time to create some more basic video tutorials. I like both two videos you did very much. Thanks for your efforts.


Yes, I’m planning to have more. I’m still very busy in May. Thanks for the interest.