Tracing off block?

Hey there! New to Seamly2D but familiar with drafting patterns on Illustrator.

I have drafted out skirt block (front and back with darts) but when I click “create new pattern piece” I cannot trace my work? The draft is all greyed out.

It seems like something simple but I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong!

I have applied formulas and rules to the points using f(x) and would like to keep those rules.



Welcome to the Seamly community!

Yeah, somewhere on the wiki we have a list of all the odd terms that need fixed, (it is overtly labeled that they need fixed.) “create new pattern piece” lets you draft a new piece apart from what you’ve already drafted, (for instance, a sleeve to your bodice, or pants that go with your bodice, etc.)

What you want to do is go to the “Detail” toolbox on the left side of the screen & select the “Workpiece tool” (right under the picture of a cursor.) Remember to select your path in a clockwise direction! When selecting a curve going in a counter-clockwise direction, hold [Shift]. I understand that it’s also possible to fix later, but remembering to [Shift] click on counter-clockwise curves is easier, at least for me.


Awesome! That seemed to work for me. Now to understand the way it addresses seam allowances, etc. I also will be trying to do slash/spread in here.

The big thing I like about Seamly 2D is easy re-sizing. Illustrator could potentially do this if you create the correct commands/grade rules but it’s a lot of work. Haha.



Glad I could be of assistance!

& also very grateful for SLSpencer’s work getting all these maths working for us!

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One of my favorite things also is the ease of resizing. I love to demonstrate that a very few mouse clicks (to load a new measurement file) will cause your properly made pattern to morph to fit someone very different

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