Trace the basic sloper as basic for pattern drafting


Hi all,

Once I do a basic sloper I would like to go ahead and do some further pattern drafting to get the pattern for certain designs. However I find that once my sloper is done my screen is already quity busy with lines and points and curves and arches and just all kinds of guide lines and it gets very confusing and messy. I know there is the grouping tool by which I can make points and lines invisible but I think it is somewhat unhandy. Is there a way to kind of trace around my sloper like I would as detail but instead of going into detail mode have it as another drawing to keep working with? So instead of selecting each point and line I don’t want to see, select only those points and lines I need and make a clean copy? Thank you Regards Evi


Hi @Evica

I normally change the type (normally a dotted line) and colour (something like yellow or pink) of the guide lines so that they aren’t as visible, and the main pattern lines are solid black.

In this case, I used colour to define the different dart positions and dotted lines for guides: image