Test Windows and administrator privileges



Dear developers, It is available a test version (v.0.5) that does not require administrator privileges to install on Win7Pro 64bit? I would like to test it on a PC as a common user (not administrator) and I can not change this restriction. The current release (v.0.45) installs without administrator privileges. Thank you.


Can you describe why do you think that installer require administrator privileges?


Thanks dismine. Because I get the message “This installer requires admin privileges to run” when I try to install valentina_0.5.0.0a-20170227080428_i386.exe


Yes, looks like you are right. By default Innosetup creates installer that require administrative privileges.

And because of this:

Do not use this setting unless you are sure your installation will run successfully on unprivileged accounts.

I won’t change this because possible regressions i don’t have time to fix.


Ok, I hope final release can be installed from unprivileged user. Thank you!


Sorry, but i don’t think that something will change to final release. I am not interested in this. And you are first who asked about this.


ok that’s a shame, maybe others have tried and gave up without asking … think about it … an installation without administrator privileges allows your software to be used by any user in any pcs

in any case you are the developer and certain decisions are yours. Thanks for your time, you did a great job, much better than some other commercial software I’ve tried in the past (I’m a designer and dressmaker)


You can try those: valentina-win_auto-upload


it works! Thanks you very much