"Temporal" dependency among objects. By design?



I will be back to my home computer next week and will try again. I tried using a borrowed laptop with a tiny screen and I THOUGHT I saw a green dot but may have been mistaken


@mrdoo Since Kinodb runs on top of Oracle, it would help me to read the triggers involved in this reordering process. The following SQL query should return all the non-code of seamly.cloud so we can implement the same features into Seamly2D at minimum time.

select * from DBA_TRIGGERS

Thanks, I would like to implement this ASAP.


There is no code. Seamly.cloud is implemented in a zero-code environment. There are no database triggers, no stored procedures, no code (other than formula parser, already published).

My development environment is Oracle, but the production environment is MariaDB. One of the things that makes this possible is that there is no code!

I know it sounds impossible. When we are in a sales meeting to sell our platform into a new company there is a always a period of complete incomprehension. Gartner puts us in a segment called high productivity rad (hpaPaaS) - though we don’t yet show in their magic quadrant. Their quadrant leader is ‘low-code’, whereas we are ‘no-code’. It would probably help for me to organise a screenshare with you so that I can show you how the system is defined.

The re-ordering itself, if you want to put it into the application is simplicity itself. You need to understand the dependencies between drawing objects, including those that arise through formula, and not allow an object to be earlier than something that it depends upon. It may be that the seamly2d code doesn’t actually parse formulas and understand dependencies; I have a suspicion from its behaviour that it uses a library to evaluate the formula. If this is the case then the first step is to port formulaparser from Java to C++ (or use any other formula parsing code) and maintain object dependencies in memory when the pattern is loaded. If it did this then you wouldn’t actually need to re-order objects manually as a user. The picklist of source objects available (e.g. as a basepoint) would include any that don’t have a direct, or indirect, dependency on this, even those that were created afterwards. Saving the change would then re-order the objects.


@MrDoo you were correct about the lack of a green dot on the pattern I tried. Your instructions work fine for me when I am using a computer screen adequate to allow me to distinguish whether the dot is green or not. Thanks


@kmf, if you have a pattern that doesn’t get a green dot, then let me know and I’ll fix up whatever bug is causing that.


Thanks @MrDoo. I once uploaded a big batch of patterns, including any I had worked on personally plus some that others had posted on the forum and any that were included as test cases in the old valentina repository. I will take another look at them and see if there are any that I actually care enough about to ask you to spend your time.

The reason I did the upload in the first place what because at that time, you were looking for test cases for your parser.

I never asked if you have a delete or remove option. I also have not looked for one. At some point I need to clear out the stuff that was for testing only.


duh! I found the delete option


@slspencer, if you want to see the parser code, here is where Jason published it


@kmf, if you are happy for me to do so, I can trigger the re-import of the patterns you’ve previously uploaded to see how they are treated.


sure, please go ahead. I had only a little time, and I was on a different machine than my local copy of all the patterns, so I exported several of them and re-imported them. this has left them a bit haphazard with regard to which set of measurements was used. You can probably tell that the “kmf” collection is more useful as a software test than as a fashion line. :slight_smile: I am preparing for another long trip with my husband and you may do anything you wish with the patterns and measurements I have uploaded to the cloud.

Also, I have started entering a measurement template for Lori Knowles menswear book on the wiki and hope to complete that in a day or two (before I leave). I may not get the ladies junior and misses book done until I return in March. I ordered it in spiral bound and they sent paperback so I made them replace it and I do not yet have the book.