Tables of variables - how to export?


Good evening to everybody!

I have a question - is it possible to export the table of variables as a spreadsheet file or in any other format to save it on computer? I was unfortunately facing a problem when one of my patterns didn’t open (I was only getting a message about some errors) and I had to recreate it quickly from the very beginning. So, saving the tables of variables and the pattern history would have helped me a lot. Now I am only making the screenshots to have a copy of them but maybe there is a simpler way of saving the files? I am using Seamly on Mac.

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Hi @huraganka,

Firstly, when you have a problem like you had, you could always as on here for someone to try and repair it. It happens sometimes when one does something that the program doesn’t like. I always suggest that one makes a separate copy before trying something new or intricate that one doesn’t want to lose all the hard work that went before. Just go to File > Save as > and add a 1 or an A to the end of the name.

And Secondly, no, I don’t think there is a way to save the variables table to spreadsheet or any other format but by doing the above, is becomes unnecessary. :slight_smile:

If you send me the .val and .vit files, I can see if I can fix it for you. If you don’t want to post them here, you can send them to me privately.

I hope this helps you a little. :slight_smile:


Hi @Grace!

Thank you very much for your support! The pattern I was working on was very messy, because I was making many changes and adjustments to it. However, I already learned there are some things that may cause the problems and I try to avoid them (like, for example, making changes in the older points). As you advise, now I am trying to make more copies of my work.

I would really appreciate your help, because I want to know what mistakes were done in order to avoid repeating them in my next patterns.

I was already facing some problems working on this pattern because I had made too many changes to it (after several fittings). So, for example, there were many curves coming from the same points, only with different shapes (because I wanted to see the previous versions as well). The program obviously didn’t like the mess I was creating. I got several error messages while working on this pattern, for example the program identified the points I wanted to add to the details mode using insert node tool as “unknown” although they were there and they were seen again by the program after restarting it or force quitting. I realised that when I draw a pattern and make too many changes to it it happens almost every time - I get some error messages and I am force to abort the program.

The problem with this pattern was a new one for me. I am working with three individual measurements. I had the layout ready for one of the measurements, I printed it out and everything worked well. Then I wanted to make the layout for the two remaining measurements. I got an error message, the program stopped responding and when I opened it again, one of the pattern pieces was missing. I created it again quickly, it was a simple one. I saved the layout of the pattern again in the M size and I remember making some adjustments to the seam allowance. I think that was the point something went wrong, maybe I just typed something on my keyboard and I got it saved, that’s my guess. Because after this I couldn’t open the file anymore. That’s the message get:


So, it is “Currem” instead of CurrentSeamAllowance - looks like a typing error. I don’t have individual seam allowances in my measurements.

I send you the files - I got this pattern redrawn, so I don’t need it urgently anymore. If you have a while, I would like to know what went wrong with this file, to avoid future mistakes.

sukienka z rozcieciami z sukienki podstawowej.val (156.5 KB)

Rozmiar M 100:80:102.vit (3.5 KB)

Thank you!


It seems that the code got a little confused and recorded ‘CurrentSeamAllowance’ as ‘CurremAllowancentSea’ when you were creating a pattern part. I have no idea why it does things like this from time to time, but I’ve fixed it now.

sukienka z rozcieciami z sukienki podstawowej A.val (156.5 KB)

:slight_smile: Sorry that I can’t explain it.


@Grace, thank you so much! :slight_smile: :smiley:


@Grace it is wonderful that you are able to repair the pattern.

It is also a good idea to snapshot the variables table and restore it. Could you create a github issue for this. We can talk about it under a new topic in this forum. I will start the topic. I will be working on the github issues list and try to get some written up so that others would be able to contribute code. The issue in github needs to just have a description that says “snapshot” and import table of variables.

thank you