[Suggestion] Toggle Auto-Zoom for "Fit Best"


Just an idea. When I’m adding points onto a pattern piece, the piece is getting bigger, so why not have it zoom out as large as needed to get the “best fit”? This could mean that when you click the “Zoom fit best” icon, it depresses it like a toggle on/off function rather than constantly clicking it over and over?


Don’t know. I think this happens only on early stages where scale size is small. I am happy with current implementation and don’t want change anything. All what i can propose for you is to set shortcut combination.


Tsk tsk. I love being the guy who suggests things that people say no to then they implement the idea later when someone else asks for it. :stuck_out_tongue: it will happen, just not yet.



When, you are asking? - КТТС (When it’s done) :wink: