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Hi everyone, our blog is pretty lame.
I made one post about recruiting additional programmers a long time ago. If you have something you’d like to say about Valentina, we’d love to put your thoughts and opinions on the blog! Especially if you have thoughts about where Valentina could go, what it could be, what it has done for your business, etc. You can be anonymous if you prefer, it’s all good.
I would prefer not to be the major voice of the blog, as Valentina is a community effort.


Eh… Blush… I didn’t even know about the blog. Hee-hee

Can we discuss anything to do with Valentina and Patternmaking? or is it exclusively for discussions about Valentina?


At least once a week I show various construction and modelling tips using Valentina for the readers of my Telegram Channel. The broadcasts are in Russian, but if it could help to fill in the Valentina blog, I can sometimes make English versions. Here is an example:


@svirskaya, thank you for the link to your blog. I had Google translate it for me and I could read it and understand it just fine :slight_smile: I love that top…


HI @Grace! Your post can be anything about patternmaking or Valentina, or both.


Hi @svirskaya!
We’re trying to recruit monetary support from corporations.
If you can post something to the Valentina blog, it would be extremely helpful.


If you’re interested in making a blog post, I can add you as a user to the blog. Just let me know.


Within the following two or three days I will have two articles about pattern for duffle coat (based on Valentina, of course). One of them will show the overall pattern describing each pattern piece, another one will describe bust dart transfer process in Valentina. If this will help, I may translate any of the articles (or both) to the English language and make a post to Valentina blog.


Would be lovely!


I was going to write a blog post about some of my recent costume design projects and how valentina is useful for costume creation and I was not able to figure out where to start. I followed the link and if I attempt to register it wants me to create a new site. I logged in using my google identity and followed the valentina blog. I shared it on facebook. I have an existing facebook group on costume design, but I am not sure how to tie this into the valentina blog. do you have any ideas about this?


I can see how to create a post on my own (new if I choose to create it) blog, but I do not seem to have the option to post on the Valentina blog. I could only comment on your initial post. If I am missing something, please let me know


I think you should be added to Valentina blog by the admin or creator of the blog. I wrote to slspencer yesterday showing the example of the blogpost, but haven’t received any response yet.


Yes I need to create your account on the blog so you can add your post. So far, here are the people who want an account:

@grace @kmf @svirskaya

I’ve sent you invites to become authors on the blog.


Can you each write a post about WHY you use Valentina and what’s different about it compared to other tools?


Done :slight_smile: I’ll think about a blog to write a bit later in the week or on the weekend.


You are super fantastic Grace. Thanks.


could you send me an invite again? I don’t recall seeing it and if it came in I must have let it go to spam. sorry


Through the deep, flu-induced fog, I’ve managed to write this: Leenas Tutorial.pdf (1.1 MB) . Can I put it on the blog? I’m more worried about the ethics and whether this is the type of thing for the blog.


In my opinion the tutorial is more suited to the wiki. I see that there are other patternsystems getting added either by @slpencer or her helping elves as I plod slowly away with the McCunn system. Leenas is a separate system, so the place to include this should be obvious.


Hi @grace, Sorry you’re sick! Flu is not fun, please rest up, don’t worry about Valentina til you are well.

When you fell better, you can post this tutorial in the Pattern Systems area in the wiki Then you can make a blog post to include the major highlights and have a link to the full tutorial in the wiki.