Special gradation step for WaistSideToHip measurement in a multisize table

Hello everybody !

I am creating a multisize table in Seamly me with the following measurements (not all mentioned) but I encounter a problem for W2H (H35. Waist Side to Hip Side):

Size 34;36;38;40;42;44;46 (reference size 38) B 80;84;88;92;96;100;104 H 86;90;94;98;102;106;110 W2H 19.5;20;20;20.5;20.5;21;21.5

I cannot manage to implement this special gradation step. As a matter of fact if I enter “20” as a “base value” and 0.5 as “In size” in my multisize table I get :

W2H 19;19.5;20;20.5;21;21.5;22 which not the grading formula I am expecting.

The only solution I found is to create a set of individual files. Is there a way to achieve this gradation through a multisize table ?

Thank your for your answer.


As far as I can see, if your sizes start at 34, then 34 should be your base size. At the moment, you have 2 sizes up, size 38, as your base size, so what’s happening is that when you enter your base size as 20, the program is understanding that size 38 is 20, so it’s working from that point onward. So 34 is 19 which is 2 sizes lower & 36 is 19.5, 38=20, 40=20.5.

You will need to either create a new file with the base size as 34, or increment the ‘In Size’ value to match what it would be for a size 38.

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Thank you so much for your answer. I will test this solution tomorrow (I am on tablet) as you have suggested. I let you know :wink:

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I post the solution I’ve implemented to trick my non-standard gradation step in a multisize table (.vst) as it could help some users.

  1. New table with 34 as base size
  2. Tab “waist_to_hip_side” I filled in the fields the following data:

Then in “Draw Mode” I opened the variable table and created an increment #Correction_W2H with this conditional formula based on hip circumference:

((hip_circ) <=86 && (hip_circ) <=89,9) ? waist_to_hip_side+0 : ((hip_circ) <=90 && (hip_circ) <=93,9) ? waist_to_hip_side+0 : ((hip_circ) <=94 && (hip_circ) <=97,9) ? waist_to_hip_side-0,5 : ((hip_circ) <=98 && (hip_circ) <=101,9) ? waist_to_hip_side-0,5 : ((hip_circ) <=102 && (hip_circ) <=105,9) ? waist_to_hip_side-1 : ((hip_circ) <=106 && (hip_circ) <=109,9) ? waist_to_hip_side-1 : waist_to_hip_side-1

Then in my pattern I entered “#Correction_W2H” for my measurement Center Front -> Waist2Hip instead of “waist_to_hip_side”. It acts as a patch to correct the formula and it works great. I don’t know if this way to do is very academic, so if some users know other ways to amend a non regular gradation table like mine please let me know.!


Wow! that is very ingenious. I’ll have to play around with that :smile: