Spanish Seamly2D article in Slow Fashion Next



We’re in the press! Elisabeth Lorenzi of MediaLab-Prado wrote an article about Seamly2D in Slow Fashion Next

Patronaje Digital y Abierto: Seamly 2D - Slow Fashion Next


very much deserved article even though i can’t read it :disappointed: .

do you have a translation in english or french?


I use a tool which gives me a little icon in the top right of my browser window. I use the cursor to highlight text then get a window to automatically translate. There are many such tools, including lots of free ones. The one I use is ImTranslator. Click here to see more about them:

Here is a screenshot with an arrow pointing to the icon on my screen


Here is a link to some more tools 10 Top Browser Tools To Translate Web Pages


If you’re using Google Chrome, you can right-click anywhere on the text and select ‘Translate’ and it will be translated into your language of choice :slight_smile:

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #7