[Solved] Create New pattern name is replaced when saved

Hi @Douglas, I don’t find any report about this problem, sorry if I missed it.

When I click on the « New » button, a box is open to write the « Pattern piece name » (i.e. Rideau Velux) and after I click on the OK button.

But just after create it, and before to start, I’ve had the habit to saved it, so I click on the « Save » button, but the name I’ve put is replaced by « pattern.val » in the box for saving.

And on the top of the workspace, I could see the name of the pattern is « untiled.val - Seamly2D » . Capture d’écran 2021-11-28 à 11.32.49

What going on ? Do I make it wrong ? Is it a known bug ?

I prefer to ask here before to create a Bug report.

Thanks for your help

And to be complet : I’m on iMac with OS X Big Sur. The version of Seamly2D is :

  • Seamly2D

  • Build Rev. Git : 04062c08146f

  • Built on August 30 at 00:58:31

  • QT : 5.13.2


Sorry, I don’t know how to resize the picture include :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Hi @CChapuis


This name refers to the pattern drawing board and not to the actual pattern file.


I prefer to only use one drawing board (draft block) for all my pattern pieces. This way, I have everything available to me at all times while I’m drafting or designing.

When I have created a new pattern file and I save for the 1st time, I give the name of that pattern in the save tool.


It is a bit confusing but, as you can see, I only use one board to avoid all confusion :slight_smile:

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Hi @Grace ,

thanks for your reply,

so it’s a misunderstanding I’ve done regarding the user manual, but your right it’s confusing in opposition of what’s in the manual.

So as I understand, the “New” button is to create a “new draft piece” and when you “Save” it’s a container for all draft pieces.

Am I right ?

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You can create different ‘Boards’ to design different parts of the pattern on and you can name these ‘Boards’ as you wish. I like to think of them as different pieces of paper. So if you wish to use them and name them differently, then you may. But on different pieces of paper, you can’t draw lines from one to the other accurately. Likewise, when you use formulas, you can’t access the length or angle of line on the 2nd board while working on the 1st board. Nor can you draw a line from a point on the 1st board to a point on the 2nd board.

I don’t think the explanation is misleading in the manual. But it’s very different from saving your pattern. And yes, saving the pattern does save the whole container containing all the draft pieces. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @Grace , it’s more clear for me now. So I can put a [Solved] in the title. :pray: