Sleeve variations

@Grace, thank you very much - your tutorial on the bell sleeve contains what I wanted to save me time in figuring out the rotate tool. The way that you drafted the initial sleeve (though the result is the same) differs from the way someone would draft the sleeve using the McCunn method but I can easily use the same style you did in writing instructions and describe how to draft the basic sleeve with his method and if there are any relevant differences when I transform that into the bell sleeve I can write them up.

I had planned to do the same for all of the sleeve variations described in his book. Do you want me to post the raw images of those variations or do you just want to see the results after I do them using McCunn’s basic sleeve as a start?

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I’d love to see how he says one should make the sleeve. I’m not happy with that particular sleeve as it seems too narrow to me. But I’m still learning pattern making so I’ve probably made a few mistakes :frowning:

I’d also love to see your results. I’ve made a wiki tutorial following the pdf that I made for you since it turned out to be quite a training on using the rotation tool in a constructive way and you’re welcome to edit it/add to it.

I’ve also copied the files into the ‘Patterns’ category under Bell Sleeve & Cape Sleeve where you may add your comments and variations.

I’m really interested in what you are doing :slight_smile:

I’ve been learning from the Aldrich book Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear and various tutorials on the internet.

And thanks for the challenge :slight_smile: It was fun.

after talking with @slpencer, the way I understand this is that they use a different basic approach. McCunn defines the length of the armhole for the sleeve based directly on measurements. Aldrich uses the measurements to draw the bodice and derives the length of the armhole (on the sleeve) from the actual curves in the armskye. I am crazy busy this week with an opening night coming soon and costumes needing attention but will post more as I can

Ok, good luck with the opening :slight_smile: