Shared measurements and construction in CH?

Hi! I’m new in the forum and I was wondering, if you share multisize measurement in files for specific pattern making systems. Is there anybody interested to share data about Swiss, German or other European pattern systems? Thank you


Hi and welcome, @IsaPi

You can find some on the Seamly pattern cloud:

And here I shared some things from Winifred Aldrich: Valentina E-Book : Version Française?

I also have a blog that I have a few instructions on the Burgo method:

I think these should help you to get up and running :slight_smile:

Hi Grace Thank you! I went to and it tells me to access rather. I’m looking forward exploring. I don’t know the Burgo method yet. Looking forward to know more about it.

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Yes, the 2 sites are linked and have the same things on. :slight_smile: