Separate pattern pieces without using detail tool




Just discovered Valentina and it’s great so far. But I’m having a small issue. Apologies if it’s been discussed in the past but I could not find any related post.

I have just created a block pattern which has the front and back side by side but I want to separate both pattern pieces so I can work on the style lines and panel pieces. The only way to do this so far is with the detail tool. But I want to edit my patterns without adding allowance yet. And I want to be able to work on the front and the back separately and not as a unified piece.

Any idea on how to do this? Would really appreciate pointers on how to go about it.

Many thanks.


Sorry, look like my knowledge not enough to understand your question. Maybe @slpencer will help you.

You can turn off them.

Which version do you use?


Hi @TWilliamsA, I think the easiest way to do this would be to create separate pattern pieces for each. Then you can switch between them. The first pattern piece points would default to A, the 2nd to B, 3rd to C, etc. You will be able to use formulas from one to the other, as well. You can also move the base point of pattern pieces, for instance B, to a point where it looks as if it continues on from the previous pattern piece.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hello @dismine,

Thank you for your response. V5.0.

If I turn off the seam allowance, can I still edit the design? Right now it seems once I trace out and go into detail, I can no longer edit the design.


Oh… thank you so much for this @Grace . It sure helps!

So just to get you right, if I use the Aldrich block for example to create a dress block, the back and front is meant to be created in the same work space. With your explanation, this means I can create the back in one pattern piece and the front in another pattern piece even though both need the same bust measurement. Will it be easy to find the underarm midpoint?

IF the answer to the above is correct, can I save these blocks for later and then import them to create new styles without having to create them from scratch all the time?

Please advise.


We do not support import yet.

A detail is not for design. Do all design in Draw mode.

I have doubts that this tip if correct. The back and front connected and should be made in one pattern piece. But you could try use combination of the Move tool and the Symmetry tool.


Hi, @TWilliamsA, I agree with @dismine. I’m also learning patternmaking using the Aldrich book and it’s quite difficult to do it over different pattern pieces. It’s much easier to follow her directions on 1 pattern piece and do the changes you require. She gives instructions that require points along lines that are on different sections of other parts, so best to stick to 1 pattern piece if you’re still learning.

Instead of trying to import, open the basic pattern and save it to a different name when you want to use it later for something else.


Not exactly sure, if this is what you’re looking for @TWilliamsA, but here’s how I work with Aldrichs system, thus having backs, fronts and sleeves in the same pattern piece in Valentina

I use the group tool to “separate” pattern pieces, e.g. front and back, in draw mode. That way you can make the front pattern piece invisible, while you work on the back. It makes everything less cluttered. I usually group my “back piece”, “front piece” and “sleeve piece” from the block pattern. Then I add design and style lines and group those as well.

Hope it helps.



Good idea, @Trine, I’m going to try that. Thank you


@dismine Ok! I will see if the Move and Symmetry tools will address this challenge. Many thanks.


@Grace, exactly! The real issue for me is how to separate the front and back so I can work on the back separately and the front separately since both are connected. If it was a skirt, it would not be a problem but a dress block is more difficult because of the underarm point.

Doing this manually would have been a breeze because I would just separate the 2, stick more paper and make it flared or split it into panels, etc. Right now, it’s a real challenge.


Hello @Trine Oh right… This will definitely help. I will try this out. Hope it’s okay to reach out to you again when I get stuck! Many many thanks!


You can look how @Stinde works with the Group tool. Visit the download page and download patterns and He is pretty good in this.:slight_smile: Hope this will help you.