Selective Layout of any Detail for printing?

Hi, i printed the layout of all pattern pieces, then i would like to print again only a revised pattern piece that was corrected for errors.Is it possible to layout selectively any pattern piece detail to print? Can anyone teach me how to do this? Thanks for any helpful replies.

Yes, it is possible. In Detail mode you should see a list with all pieces you have. By default a layout will has all pieces, but you can change this disabling some of them.

Thanks so much @dismine! for very quick help. i did not notice the layout tickbox is enabled by default…

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please add multi layout to valentina best regards

Hi @jzabihi! Please add your comment as a new post, and describe what you mean by multi layout!

I think, @jzabihi means a separate layout for each type of fabric. (Lining, top, etc.) I agree, that it is very needed function.

If it is true why i don’t see a feature request here? :slight_smile:

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@jzabihi We want to hear your description of what you need! :slight_smile: Speak up, add a new post thread!