SeamlyME issue/warning Ubuntu

Hello, new user here intending to learn from Minimalist Machinist’s youtube walkthrough. The walkthorugh is 2 years old so I apologize if I’m “not doing it right”.

I’m Using Ubuntu 22

Tried with both Appimage program and flatpack installed, Same problem in both.

Well, can’t get very far…2 crucial problems

1.She starts with SeamlyME and when I open that I get a warning:

QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified

  1. After I open SeamlyMe and click past the “warning” I open add known measurements, but none of the images that go along with the known measurements show up. The descriptive words up, not the helpful image. Then I click and try to add that particular measurement and nothing happens, not added

Help with this and my thread in the website bug category are greatly appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the Seamly forum, @ChisaoMusician

I really don’t know much about Ubuntu, but I’m hoping that @Pneumarian will pop by to help you. She did quite a write-up on installing on Ubuntu that you can read up here.

I hope this helps.


Unfortunately, all I can say is that thankfully neither error makes SeamlyMe unusable, (just less easy to use for the second one,) and that these errors are on the official list of bugs to fix. Here’s the links if you want to review what was posted:

Same error occurs with my local build from source. The diagrams are in source folders, & if you’re having too hard a time figuring out what the descriptions mean, (then they need improved,) you could download the source & navigate /src/app/seamlyme/share/resources/diagrams to manually match the diagrams with the diagram codes that do show up. It’s a bit annoying, but I’ve done it a couple times even though I got most of my measurements entered back when the Linux distro still had the diagrams.


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I’ve pretty much just been leaving the diagrams issues to others, but as I look at the SeamlyMe project file it’s just more of the schizophrenic nature of the app. There’s never just 1 clear way that things are done. As far as the diagrams resources go there’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo creating an output/ input directory, dependencies, etc, etc… along with every diagram file included - instead of just including the diagrams.rcc file (which already has each diagram file included) like the rest of the resources are. I don’t get it.


I assume it’s a matter of a previous dev not having a good grasp of the tools they were using. It reminds me of a time around high-school that I tried solving a math problem with pi, & had to factor it (& other things) back out before I got a reasonable solution. So maybe I’m projecting a little. :blush:



Should now be a moot point as I see it’s been fixed by bundling the svgs as I suggested.


Yes I fixed the diagrams issue yesterday by loading the correct path under linux (linux(appimage): Fix translations and diagrams in seamlyme by csett86 · Pull Request #742 · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D · GitHub), and today submitted a PR to simplify it by bundling the resources directly: seamlyme: bundle diagrams for measurements in binary by csett86 · Pull Request #745 · FashionFreedom/Seamly2D · GitHub


I have downloaded the new fixed version and it works fine. thanks for the quick response.