SeamlyMe Highlighted Measurements?

I’ve just finished entering my measurements in SeamlyMe and for some reason some of the measurements are now highlighted. I can’t see any obvious reason why leg_ankle_diag_circ would be highlighted in red, along with several other ankle measurements highlighted in yellow. They are all hard-coded values (no formulas). Any formulas using any ankle measurements are further down on the list and all the calculated values are correct. I closed the program and reopened the measurement file and they’re still highlighted.


Hello & welcome, @sandmanmax,

When you get red 0 in the calculation, it is because the formula is referencing a measurement that hasn’t been opened yet. For instance: leg_crotch_to_ankle has the formula (leg_crotch_to_floor - height_ankle)

So the formula says it need the measurement leg_crotch_to_floor and height_ankle. The calculated 0 is red in the column but in the calculated value field, there is this error: Error (cm). Parse error: Unexpected token “leg_crotch_to_floor” found at position 1.

So this tells me that I need to open the measurement “leg_crotch_to_floor” and enter a value to get the formula to calculate correctly. It will also need the height_ankle measurement…

AND (very important)

You need to place these 2 measurements BEFORE the one with the formula - leg_crotch_to_ankle for the formula to work.

You can use these arrows to position the the lines:


So you will have the 2 lines used in the formula followed by the 1 line of the formula.

I normally just move all the lines with formulas to the end of the list.

I hope this helps you :slight_smile:


Yes, I had one of those. But after I fixed it, the highlights didn’t go away. It doesn’t seem to be causing any problems, but I was curious what was going on.

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I’m a little concerned that it may cause problems while you’re creating your pattern so I’d like to ask you to send me the .vit or .val (measurement) file to see what’s going on, please.

oh! I had to reboot my pc and all the highlights are gone when I reopened the file.


I think I just figured out what is happening. When I filter on “crotch”, it’s hiding some of the necessary measurements for calculations and that’s when highlights appear. When I remove the filter, they all go away.

EDIT: Oops - has nothing to do with the calculation. It’s just the filter highlight. Click on forward and backward and the red box shows the currently selected measurement. The yellow highlights are all the matching locations that have the filter criteria in either the Name, Full Name, or Formula.


Oh, great! :slight_smile: I’m glad that you managed to find out what’s doing it :slight_smile: