Seamly2d on MacMini G4 PowerPC reinstalled with Ubuntu Xenial doable? worth it?



I was wondering if it’s posible to install Seamly2d on a MacMini G4 PPC. I have installed Ubuntu on it and seems a little unstable, but hopefully that can be worked out… I just wonder if I can use it to basically just run Seamly2d. How demanding is it? and would I have all the dependencies needed.

I am not very knowledgeable about Linux, and what I know was some time ago… Mainly with FreeBSD. Not afraid with tinkering with it though… I get this idea that Seamly2d would run good on this machine and give it something useful to do, but I could be totally wrong… I am running Seamly on a MacBook but sometimes I have a million things open and would enjoy using it on a 20" without having to share with other stuff…

BTW I installed Xenial

Any ideas?

I would appreciate some thoughts on the matter!



Personally, I’m on Windows, and I’m definitely not knowledgeable on the subject, but there is a download for Ubuntu. I’d say… download, install and try it out. Everything needed for the program to run it packaged in the installation file and Seamly2D doesn’t use many resources. It’s really a very light program considering what it does.


Thanks! I have already dowloaded the program, I just don’t know if the packages are builts for amd64 and i386 only or can I compile something on PPC…


What version of ubuntu do you use @Peregrin4? I have several versions of ubuntu installed on an intel based PC. I will be happy to help you. You need to follow the “Download” option at the top of this forum and click on the rightmost of the three options near the bottom of the page.

That will lead you to to a descriptive page at “launchpad” which is the preferred way to catalog a “PPA” containing libraries for Ubuntu. You will need to open a terminal window on your ubuntu system and enter the three command lines each starting with the word “sudo” listed on that page.

The result will be that you add the repository, update the symbol table, and install the Seamly2d software.

Please try to follow these instructions and feel free to ask if you need further help


I just read your second question, and yes, the builds are for the amd64 and i386 architecture. I believe that you are able to get source libraries and do the compile and build yourself. Packaging and releasing a version of Seamly for your architecture might be useful to others and once you get it working on your own machine the packaging might be something you would like to donate to the community.


Thanks! I have 16.04.1 (Xenial) but on the packages page there is no mention of Power PC only amd64 and i386, so I don’t know if those PPAs are usable for me…


If you are able to download the open source version of Qt it should be doable. I have cloned a copy of the source to my local machine and built it so that I can make local changes. The source code is on github. GitHub - FashionFreedom/Seamly2D: Open source patternmaking software.

If you are interested in creating a local copy I will help you as much as I can with configuring the Qt creator package so that you can do the local builds from source


Yes, I am just trying to figure out how to get there :wink:

Not that knowledgeable, but certainly hard headed enough… for now it seems that I have some reading and learning to do…


@Peregrin4 see also How to build with Qt - Builds - Seamly Forum


Ok, thanks! I will definitely give it a shot… the least that can happens is that I learn some good stuff…

Thanks a lot!


I am delighted to meet a fellow adventurer willing to learn to build this


:grinning: Thanks for all of that info. I have a spare pc. I think I should install Ubuntu on it so that I can also know what I’m talking about when trying to help people on here :slight_smile:


I have kind of a double task, since I have first to make my PPC install a little more reliable… It crashes often, but I don’t know if it’s due to a faulty monitor… Hopefully I get there…

Thanks for the encouragement!


Holding thumbs for you, @Peregrin4


@Grace do you have a 32 bit processor or 64 on the old pc?


If I recall rightly, it’s a 64 bit. I’ll crank it up on the weekend & double check it all. At the moment, I think it has Windows 7 on it.


I hope it is a 64 bit. Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu If it is a 32 bit, you will need to install the 16.04.04 version (an older version and the last long term supported 32 bit I think) Xenial is the named designation for the 16.xx versions of Ubuntu. I do most of my work on “Bionic” which is the 18.04 version.


Thanks, I’ve bookmarked the link for the weekend.


@Peregrin4 - Is this what you have?


512M RAM may not be enough to compile C++ code in Qt, or work on a complex pattern file in Seamly2D.


Pretty much… Mac mini G4/1.42 Specs (Mac mini, M9687LL/A*, PowerMac10,1, A1103, 2026):