Seamly2D name change in progress



It’s official, we’re changing our name to Seamly2D (to interoperate with SeamlyMe, Seamly3D, SeamlyAR, etc.). The poll to change from LibreFashion to Seamly2D has been closed. Thanks to everyone on the forum!


Nice. What is your roadmap/priorities for the name changing?

If you need help don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m sure people will be less confused when the 2 forks have distinct names and it’s reflected in the web presences.


Yes, you’re so very right about this.

Current status:

  1. We have made all the changes required to create manual builds and automatic builds for Debian linux, OSX, and Windows using the old name
  2. We are currently updating licensing, copyright, repo, new name

Next steps:

  1. Create manual builds with new name for Debian linux, Mac OSX, and Windows
  2. Implement automatic builds with TravisCI & Launchpad (for Ubuntu and Mac) and Appveyor (for Windows).
  3. Release automated builds on website.
  4. Begin implementing fixes and new features.

Yes it seems slow, but we’re doing this the right way. At this point, that is the most important thing.


Thanks for the infos.

Does this include things like domains of the website / forum, forum name? They are in my opinion as important, if not even more important at first than the implementation of the name in the software.


Yes. The wiki has received an update, the forum, etc.

I’m currently in San Francisco, and will return home Dec 1. I’ll have a lot more time to make these changes then. The name changes for the wiki & forum will happen first, then the website. But I want to be available to work on issues if DNS updates don’t happen quick enough, etc.


Awesome. Now we know what to expect, thanks for sharing!


Agreed with you there. It just adds to the confusion for users that are unaware that there are 2 forks going forward.

BTW… I know I mentioned this awhile back… putting Tape aside, but any thought yet as to changing the .val file extension? Just one more point of possible confusion.


Thanks for pointing out the file extensions issue. There are many, many tiny steps to making this changeover.


If this helps we can create a wiki page with all the steps that have to be considered. Every time someone think of something it can be added to the wiki then. What do you think?


@ronanletiec Absolutely, please create that page!

BTW do you like the wiki redesign? I redesigned it so it would be easier to find a page which contains a roadmap, then never created that roadmap. #notenoughhoursintheday


I like it.

I caught a few “LibreFashion’s” and changed them to “Seamly”.


Thanks @Douglas. It’s your wiki too, so go for it! Make those improvements!


And maybe a hint on the pages that there are two forks would be helpful in the beginning. That way

might be less confusing. For my feeling the extension is not that high in priority, as if someone looks for a pattern making program he first will step on the website and the forum and to the download-page. I even don’t think you need to change the name in the program right away if there is a hint on the download-page and the version information in help includes the new name plus an short explanation that this is the seamly-fork of the program.

Yes, I like it :+1:


Yes I totally agree, maybe with a link to the wiki that treat the fork subject so that the user has a better understanding.


I heartily approve of the roadmap


If/when the file extensions are changed, thought should be given to a conversion utility, import and export … the issue of interoperability in general. In a perfect world one would be able to use measurement and pattern files from “any” version of Valentina or “any” version of seamly tools. In the real world there will be divergent file formats and features. I don’t have the answers yet but I suggest that folks take a look at Microsoft office, Microsoft office 2003, Microsoft office 2007, and libreoffice for an example of the dilemma and how the libreoffice handles the file types .txt .rtf .doc .docx .odf

At some point someone will need to figure out the strategy and roadmap for .Val .vst .vit files. This may be a good time to look into schema file naming conventions as well and consider the possibility of using schema files to configure the behavior of future versions of seamly tools


Here is a link to the roadmap page:

I will write some more about the name changing.

I like the design of the main page. It would be nice if the 3 main columns would stop floating so that they stay readable on smartphones. If you tell me where to edit the CSS and media rules I can do it (after all it’s what I do for a living).


Here you go, the roadmap for the name change:

Feel free to add things I missed.


If I get the right to edit MediaWiki:Common.css - Seamly2D I could write a few css classes and some media queries to enhance your design of the home page. It would avoid in style CSS and code redundancy + be responsive for small screens.


@slspencer I’ve just seen the new logo, it’s nice!

One thing though, We’ve writen 2D most of the time with a big D, but in the Logo it’s with a small d. How do we want to handle it? We should keep it consistent. I prefer 2D.