Seamly2D macOS build - has incorrect logo


It is great to see the new macOS build of Seamly2D, perhaps the banner message on the forum should indicate Windows and macOS now available?

The macOS executable works fine but has the following minor issues:

  • The logo for the .app file is V instead of S (see screenshot).
  • The download contains a heavily nested set of folders with the deepest folder containing the, only the .app file is required.
  • macOS warns that this is from an unidentified developer - I don’t know if there is anything that can be done about that?

Also, I noticed that the page that many people will have bookmarked ( doesn’t lead to the new repository,


Hey did you notice any improvements?


New logo. Looks great.

The packaging still includes 9 levels of folders that are not required. We just need to ship the .app

The Download link at the top of this forum page takes the user to on which the Download link downloads the old Valentina software.


Thanks for the feedback on this. Yes I agree that there’s lots of room for architecture improvement.