Seamly to Processing for 3D printing purposes

Hai guys! At the moment I’m working on 3D printed clothing. (Ultimaker 2) I’m using Valentina to create the pattern first, as it is very nice to work with. To be able to actually 3d print the Valentina file needs to be redrawn into, personally I prefer Processing, a program that can generate gcode. I was wondering if anyone is doing the same/wants to do something similar?

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Hi @Brig! Valentina is built so that we can send patterns to cutting tables 3D printers knitting machines

We need an API for each of these outputs. We would love to work on this with you. Send me email

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Blender 2.7 has an Ortho function for 3D modeling. Blender can read SVG.files. It’s just a hint, I have very limited knowledge of Blender.

As i know people who try Blender have problem with our SVG output. They expect curves to be curves, we export them as paths.

Oké. I didn’t know. I’m not inhibited by knowledge. :blush:

Thing is i do not take a lot attention to this task. Just don’t use Blender and don’t have need to. That’s why we don’t have working solution for this. And also nobody from community have reason to hack code and improve this part. But some time this will change. I find visualizing patterns very interesting.

Hai Guys,

@slpencer , I’ll sent you an email! @HansLeeuw thanks for the tip! The one I know of, that does this really nicely is Lectra. (never used it though and I don’t think it is open source either hahaha) However, personally I’m not trying to print the whole garment in 3D, I would like to print the pattern, so I don’t necessarily need to see a 3D model :wink: @dismine I totally agree about patterns being interesting! :smile:

Anyways to give what I’m planning to do a little depth: I come from an Industrial Design background and therefore use the program ‘Processing’ to show my concepts. In this case I load the .xml file (.val in the pattern file) into processing and tell it to redraw the pattern. This is where I’m working on at the moment as it is not as easy as it sounds… and would like to share this code if people are interested. After that the programming becomes specified to what you want to do with it. I would like to calculate density of the ‘fabric’ in bras :slight_smile: So that code becomes more limiting fitted to the purpose. Anyways, I was wondering if more people make this connection to Processing, then we can help each other!

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Hi @Brig, This is a fantastic workflow, one that I have been wanting for a while. I studied with Francis Bitonti in 2014 to learn the development flow of 3Dprinted garments. It is entirely possible to generate 3D printed garments from Valentina. You’ve been using Processing, which is great. A related project which would utilize a similar API is to generate machine knitted garments from Valentina. Please create an issue to the issues list about a new feature to output to a 3D printer. Thanks!

Hey, y’all. Just wanted to share a video on 3d printing fabric. (If you used a belt printer, you could print entire pattern pieces, then ‘stitch’ them together with TPU in a 3d pen.)

As well, there is a project called FullControl GCODE that lets you define gcode using a spreadsheet! (…and, ‘soon’, Python.)

If you put those two ideas together, it makes me wonder how difficult it would be to have Seamly directly generate the gcode for 3d printed pattern pieces. Wouldn’t THAT make for a new niche!!!


@KeithFromCanada This is a feature that we’ve wanted since before any code was written for this project. Hopefully we can have these types of features in the near future, keep checking back with us.


To my mind, of even higher priority would be adding the ability to export meshes for use in Blender/etc. for cloth simulation. (This is what Blender uses are stuck doing right now. Oof.) This would drastically increase Seamly’s exposure, as it would save software devs a LOT of time and hassle over the current method. (Yes, I am aware that Seamly can export SVGs from Layout and Blender can then convert them, but, for the purposes of virtual clothing that doesn’t need seam allowances/etc., exporting them from Layout with all of that extraneous information isn’t optimal. An interim solution would be to export raw SVGs straight from Draft/Piece.)

Does that sound reasonable?


I think exporting from draft will still need the choosing of the exact nodes that make up the pattern panel, as it does for the layout. I think it would be easier and quicker to turn off the seam allowances before exporting for Blender… Does this make sense?

Not sure what you mean by interim… you can already export SVG’S from piece mode… just turn off the seam allowance, and or labels and grainlines. You do know those latter options are easy to toggle from the view menu or view toolbar? Hmmm… I should add a toggle for the seam allowance. :slight_smile:


Yes! Can you add this to the issues list?

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I’ll just go ahead and implement this. Note, that what I’m referring to is a global toggle for the seam allowances, as there’s already a toggle per piece. I’ll add an item to the view menu and the view toolbar.