Seamly Critical error using Flip on Axis tool


I click a bunch of points hit enter and that was it. Windows 10, newest version from 2 days ago

Jennifer Maillet.vit (6.2 KB) Panty.val (3.3 KB)

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I’m not getting the error on v6.0.0. Perhaps someone with the current build will be able to help.

Does this occur when you open the .val or when you try to flip points? If the latter, what do you want to flip? In the Linux-build of Jan. 13, Seamly2D it opens just fine but I didn’t try to flip anything.

@ladysinaz I have been unable to duplicate any error with your .val file and .vit files. Could you please click the help menu and click on “About Seamly2D” from the drop down menu. Then look for the specific version number and build date and post them here. For example, I am running Seamly2d built on Mon Dec 4 2017

I also run other versions in other bootable environments on my machine and I have been unable to reproduce the error you describe in any of them. I hope that more information about the specific version you are running will help someone to help you with your issue


I haven’t recreated it either. Just happened that first time.

Does the “check for updates” function properly? I got this error when I clicked it. image

i get the same error when clicking on check for updates in the version I just checked. (December 4 build for 32 bit windows). I am going to get the latest build and check it too and will open an issue if there is not one already.