Seamly 2D crashing on Mac OS Sierra

Hello all,

First off, congrats to the team of amazing humans that are developing, testing and teaching us all about this amazing program.

I have been using Seamly for about a year on and off and after a long break, I have just come back to it this week and downloaded the latest version. However, I have been experiencing an number of program crashes on my Mac. I am just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this, or might have a suggestion for how I can resolve.

I have taken some screen grabs (sorry there is no way to D/L) of the problem report and attached. Apologies if anyone has already posted about this already, could only see issues relating to freezing not crashing.

Again thanks for making such an awesome tool for people to use :pray:

Cheerio, Tennille

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Hi @TennilleS, thanks for the screen capture. can you perhaps provide the .val and .vit files that you are trying to work on and give details as to what you were doing when the crash occurs so that the programmers can recreate the crash to see exactly what is happening in the backend, please?

Hi there @TennilleS :slight_smile:

I’m just wondering if it is the same issue that I and another couple of mac users have found - does it seem to occur when you are selecting a curve? I’ve been having that specifically over the past couple of days, and have mentioned it in this post:

I have also seen another discussion about High Sierra crashes also, though I’ve lost that one now (I’m not very familiar with forum usage!).

Just in case it’s along the same lines anyway.

Good luck finding a resolve :slight_smile:

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I’m really trying hard to create an issue about this problem you both seem to be experiencing so that someone can have a look at both situations.

To create an issue, certain information and data is required. You can read about it in this post::

Thank you for all the help in identifying the problem.

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Hi @TennilleS! Thanks for the screenshots! Can you describe the actions you did just prior to the crash? This will help us narrow down the problem. Also, please provide your .val & .vit files, if you don’t want to make them public please send them to me via Message (available under your user avatar in upper right corner).

Thanks @TennilleS, we want to fix this ASAP.

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