Seam Allowance Tool in Youtube Tutorial


HI, I’ve read the forum and apologies if it has been asked before. In the video tutorial there is a pop up box that comes up when you are selecting your points in the seam allowance tool. When I select the points a pop up box only appears after I’ve pressed enter. Is this a new version or is there a way to get that pop up box? Thank you!


Looks like the video shows previous version.


Thank you☺️ I’ll stop trying to find it! It’s a pity, it looks like a nice feature.


You are mistaken. Showing the window right after first selection force you to move the windows.


The video didn’t capture pressing the ‘Enter’ key.


I just came across the same issue. The popup no longer shows up during the path creation. As soon as you click the last point/curve and press ‘enter’, then you’ll get a popup, but you can’t set a seam allowance yet.

  1. Click ‘Okay’.
  2. Go to the ‘Details’ tab.
  3. Right-click on the newly created piece and choose ‘Options’.
  4. Click on the ‘Seam Allowance’ tab.
  5. Check ‘Seam Allowance’. If you have folds, set ‘CurrentSeamAllowance’ to zero before and after the points after and before the seam, respectively. (Just try it; you’ll instantly see what I’m talking about.)
  6. Click ‘Okay’
  7. Profit!


Hi. I’m having a problem with the seam allowance tool pop-up window - after I have clicked the last point and pressed ‘enter’ the window flashes up and then disappears. Is there anywhere I can find it? I’m a complete newbie so I’ve most likely done something wrong - I just don’t know what.


Tatina, watch my video on YouTube, if it can help you. It’s in Italian bu I added the English subtitles:


Do I understand right - you draft a piece, use the detail/seam allowance tool clockwise on the points you want to include in your detail, click enter and the seam allowance tool - window comes up and before you can hit ok it disappears?

Did you maybe click the first point of your detail twice, once in the beginning and once after you’ve clicked all other points? That is a very secure action to make Valentina crash :sweat_smile: It happened to me when I started to work with Valentina, no I pay very much attention to remember the point I started with :smile:


Yes, that’s exactly what happens! Aha! Thank you


Once you hit enter… you have to switch to Detail mode to view the detail piece you just created. Click the “Details” on the toolbar. You can now select which detail piece you want to work on, then with the right mouse button select “options”. From there you can then set the options for that detail piece… Seam allowances, grainlines, labels, or pass marks.