Seam allowance and dart = jagged edge



Is there a workaround for when the seam allowance produces a jagged edge around small darts? This is a shoulder dart that has been trued.

I’ve tried playing with the angle in the options box but can’t smooth it out.


Please, send me the pattern file with measurements if needed. You can do it privately if don’t want to share publicly.


Thanks dismine, you’re a champion.

close fitting bodice.val (51.6 KB)

aldrich size 22 standard.vst (2.3 KB)


No, i am not.:slight_smile:


Unfortunately we cannot eliminate this jagged edge automatically.

But … . You can use local seam allowance to fix it.:wink:

I have achieved this result because for point:

  • A83 setted SA After = “CurrentSeamAllowance*2”.
  • A13 setted SA Before = “CurrentSeamAllowance2" and SA After = "CurrentSeamAllowance2”.
  • A84 setted SA Before = “CurrentSeamAllowance*2”.


Was the problem based on using the CurrentSeamAllowance value in a formula?


No. Because the dart is not symmetric the app cannot close a gape and generate a jagged edge. Bigger seam allowance produce such a connection and all looks better. I think issue #621 will fix such cases.