Scroll left/ right & cmd +/-/0



This is just a little navigation/ user friendliness request.

I’m very familiar with Adobe products and as a result it’s second nature for me to use the back and forward buttons on my mouse to scroll left and right. I currently use a Magic Mouse on my iMac and I’m not sure if this functionality exists for regular mice or at all but it’d be really helpful when I am navigating around my pattern piece.

Regarding zooming in/ out/ fitting pattern piece to the screen using cmd +/ -/ 0, I notice that it behaves a little strangely. Sometimes it works, sometimes not at all.

These are just small things but would improve my navigating around the interface. (Not a high priority but would be nice!)


What do you mean?

We have these shortcuts:

  • Shift+mouse scroll - left/right scene scroll.
  • Ctrl++/- - scale scene.
  • Ctrl+0 - return to original scale.

What you seek called Hotkey/action editor (issue #324).