Rotation tool for multisize



I’m trying to make an empire bodice which requires slashing the top and bottom sections of the bodice and then joining the two bottom sections. To do this I am suppose to join the bottom sections and rotate one to close the dart. I am able to do this for one size however, when I rotate it does not match up properly on my other sizes due to it rotating at a specific angle. Is there a tool to use to overlap these point from different parts? They are within the same pattern piece.



Unfortunately i cannot understand by your description what is your problem.


Are you saying the angle should change, as the grading varies.

  • In which case why not caclulate the angle from trig functions instead of just fixed value ?


Yes! How would I go about doing that


Can you show us an example?



Let say you are closing a dart. Try creating a line from the PIVOT point to where you are closing Dart to. Line_P_D1 a line from the PIVOT point to the nearest point you are moving . Line_P_D2

When you come to roatate the points edit the angle formula to (AngleLine_P_D1 - AngleLine_P_D2)

  • may have to fiddle with extra +/- 180 if line is going wrong way.


Thank you. I will try that. For the pivot point, do you know if there is an accurate way to ensure both point from seperate parts are overlapping at the exact same spot so that it is accurate when I change sizes?


Does new PIVOTED Point D2a1 match D1 ?


I overlay D2a1 on top of D1, however when I change sizes it is not overlapped because it is by specific angles/length


The angle formula worked! Thank you. Now do you have any idea how to ensure my pivot point lines up with my other section so that it is perfect for different sizes?