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Whilst researching something else I found an interesting forum/resource - :sunglasses:

The link is :

which seems to be a forum associated with a professional journal for the bespoke tailoring trade. The magazine has been publishing for at least 100 years, as it’s mentioned in advertisements at the back of "The Cutter’s Practical Guide’ (dating from c. 1890-1900)

The forum is predominantly, read-only for those without ‘professional’ status, being those actually in the ‘talioring’ trade, but it contains a LOT of information, on pattern drafting systems, especially for gentlemans bespoke garments. (It also appears to contain some scanned pages from various published systems :grin: )

I am however requesting a second view, before I put it as a link from the relevant page on the User Manual wiki.

Alex Farlie.

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