Resolved Issue #85...Export draft blocks in draft mode

Just finishing up another long existing issue… export the draft blocks in the draft mode. This will export all the draft blocks in the draft scene as either a SVG, PNG, JPG, BMP, or PPM. The default is SVG.


Added a new toolbutton export@2x

The export can be executed either from the toolbox, tools menu->operations, the operations toolbar, the toolbox tool bar, or via the keyboard shortcut.





When exporting as a PNG or JPG you can set the quality level, that is the level of compression used. The quality can be set in the Preferences… 0 being really compressed 100 being no compression.


It should be noted that the export will pretty much be whatever colors, line types or font used for the labels, and what ever groups are set to be visible.

While I was at it, I added the JPG, BMP & PPM export types in exporting the pieces in Piece mode.


Also fixed some export dialog display issues, while also adding the Quality slider which only is enabled if PNG or JPG is selected. It should be noted that this will reset the pref - for now. It was just easier this way without having to add a get & set method in the dialog… I may change it later.



Oh, wow! I’d forgotten about this one. It will help educators so much. Thank you very much :star_struck:

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No doubt. At issue #84 / 85 it’s been there awhile. Actually a pretty simple feature to implement.:slight_smile:

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Reorganised the Export dialog…