Release v0.5.0!


Yep. This day come.:tada:

Change log.


Congratulation for the new major release.


Congratulations !!!


Looks like we do not support anymore Windows XP and Windows Vista. Qt doesn’t support them since version 5.7. Currently we use the latest Qt 5.8.

To support old platforms build the code with Qt 5.6.


congratulations for a job well done!



If you’re using any of these, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the release. Valentina is really very useful now.


Congratulations!! I am a newbie- a very grateful and appreciative for Valentina one too.:heart_exclamation:


@slpencer, why we still don’t have post on Facebook? Did you forget?:slight_smile:


I’m so frickin busy, I’m falling behind on the most important thing we do! :sweat_smile:


late congratulations, but i’d like to say well done, again, it’s an amazing effort what you created!


Bonjour, Congratulations to all the team. I work with your software and I am very satisfied with it.